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Our goal is to create a streamlined community resource that reduces redundancies and increases efficiencies for all aspects of volunteerism. is a customizable tool that can be utilized by a variety of affiliates:

Nonprofits |  Companies |  Governments |  Schools, Colleges & Universities | Community Initiatives |  Collations | Many More


 STLVolunteer allows:

  • White label branding 
  • Large volunteer project registration 
  • Volunteer hour tracking
  • Access to over hundreds of volunteer projects
  • Disaster volunteer management 
  • Private or public volunteer project registration
  • Social media login and sharing 
  • Monitoring and tailored reporting 
  • Variety of customizations to meet your unique needs 


Things a United Way Partnership brings with it:

  • Network of community partners
  • Knowledge of local issues
  • Progress accountability
  • Local staff support
  • Efficient due diligence of agencies
  • Power to convene

Join the growing list of partners using United Way's customized technology solution.

Questions about partnerships? Contact Katelind Hosie at or 314-539-4266 


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