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Customized Philanthropy to Meet Your Strategic Goals

Each case is unique, so we consider your specific needs when developing personalized solutions. Cost-effective and specific, our solutions are designed to position you for success in reaching your philanthropic goals. Leverage parts or all of the services and solutions available to create a cohesive philanthropy direction that works best for you:

  • Strategy services
  • Contributions management
  • Employee engagement
  • Reporting and oversight

Think of us as your general contractor. Our aim is to bring together the best team to develop overall strategy, processes, and policies to make your philanthropic and social responsibility efforts as seamless and meaningful as possible.

Join the growing list of companies using United Way's customized strategies.

Employee Engagement

United Way’s Volunteer Center is the second oldest in the United States, leveraging more than 85 years of experience in creating tailored platforms and engagement programs ranging from one-day opportunities and strategic initiatives to board training/placements and skills-based volunteerism. Our technology platform provides the ability to facilitate volunteer dollar matching programs, project registration, tracking, and verification of volunteer hours and customized reporting to meet the varied needs of our corporate and community partners. We make employee engagement simple, partner today with one or all of our services:

  • Technology
  • Dollars for Doers
  • Board training
  • Corporate volunteer council management
  • Volunteer program management
  • Volunteer projects
  • Consultations

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