Do-It-Yourself Project Guides
Select a step-by-step guide with all the information you need to complete meaningfully volunteer projects on your schedule. You will purchase the supplies, complete the project, and drop off the completed project to a nonprofit of your choosing. Need help identifying a nonprofit? Browse our list of community partners.  Please make sure to contact the nonprofit before dropping off to make sure they are still open and able to receive your donation. Some of the Do-It-Yourself projects are great to complete now and save to deliver at a later time. 
          COVID-19 Emergency Relief Box                                        Cards for Seniors  
                           Animal Shelter Blankets                                                           Community Clean Up                                           
               Nurse Appreciation Kit                                                       First-Aid Kits            
                  Reusable T-Shirt Bags                                      Backpacks for Kids in Foster Care
                   Financial Literacy Kits                                                    Blessing Bottles
                    Make Dog Toys                                                            Dinner Baskets 


                 First Responder Kit                                                       Cozy Cocoa Kits



Questions? Contact STLVolunteer@stl.unitedway.org. 


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