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Partner With Us To Recruit Volunteers

You now have one quick and easy-to-navigate site to post, manage and track volunteer opportunities. Simply become an approved community organization and provide volunteers a simple and flexible tool that allows searching for opportunities by time, date, location, zip code and project type.

                  Features                                                                                      Benefits 

                  •    Create an exclusive page for your organization                     •    Expand your audience by having your posts appear

                  •    Create new or edit existing opportunities                                     on our opportunity search engine, calendar and 

                  •    View volunteer sign-ups, track engagement                                national partner

                       and email volunteers                                                               •    Gain access to over 20,000+ volunteers and markets 

                  •    Approve and schedule volunteers who are                                   such as corporations, universities, and skills-based 

                        interested in on-going opportunities                                       •    Potential opportunity to be featured on the homepage

                                                                                                                             and the volunteer newsletter                                                           

How It Works

You apply for free to utilize the website

We verify you meet the eligibility criteria 

You post volunteer opportunities

We approve the volunteer opportunities


Volunteer searches and registers for your opportunity

You contact interested volunteer

Community is helped



Here To Help 

The Volunteer Center is here to serve as a resource in the community for all things volunteerism. We provide a variety of volunteer management resources to local non-profits. These resources include volunteer management training, best practices and the tools needed to successfully engage volunteers.   

Questions? Contact Katelind Hosie at or 314-539-4266. 


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