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Volunteer Center Certification 

United Way's Volunteer Center offers certification to local nonprofit organizations with well-managed volunteer programs. Certification is based on a set of nationally recognized standards critical to quality volunteer management practices.

By meeting these standards, organizations can enjoy the rewards of well-equipped, energized and committed volunteer participation in their activities. Further, certification helps encourage professionalism by recognizing that there are defined management principles that are required 
for the effective management and utilization of volunteers. 

All certified agencies will receive the below logo indicating their Volunteer Center Certification status for use on publications, letterhead, etc. The Volunteer Center will market this logo to people looking for quality volunteer opportunities.


We are pleased to offer a second level of Certification (and toolkit resources) honoring agencies and organizations that demonstrate having quality practices in place to effectively manage episodic and group volunteer programming. Organizations can receive Episodic Program/Group Volunteer Project Management Certification in addition to Volunteer Center Certification. Organizations are not required to be Volunteer Center Certified to achieve this credential. In addition to being recognized as an organization that effectively engages business, faith-based, school/university-based, skill-based, and labor participation groups, organizations achieving this credential will receive an additional benefit of receiving priority status for group volunteer referrals through United Way’s Volunteer Center.

The United Way Certification application and review process is also approved for the inclusion of for-profit entities that rely on volunteers to carry out their missions (for example, hospice programs, for-profit hospital systems, adult day care, etc.)  

To gain access to the Volunteer Center Certification application and certification support library, click on the Apply Now button.  The needed documents will be emailed to you directly.  

Questions about certification? Contact Rick Skinner at or 314-539-4284.

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