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SouthSide Early Childhood Center

SouthSide’s mission is to nurture, educate and inspire children and families in a diverse and inclusive environment, promoting healthy development and a strong foundation for success. Our vision is that children develop a lifelong love of learning, flourish within a supportive family environment and contribute positively to their communities. Every child has the potential to succeed in school, to build strong friendships, to grow up healthy and strong. Our accredited early childhood program nurtures the strengths of each individual child, in partnership with families. Our skilled and caring teaching staff create an environment of joyful learning in indoor and outdoor classrooms, and help each child develop curiosity about and interest in the world around them. Every child deserves the best early childhood education and care available. We welcome families from all walks of life, children who speak any language and children with special needs.Garden for Guidestar Children learn best when they are healthy. We follow every child’s developmental path. If needed we ensure they receive medical and dental checkups, lead screening, speech/hearing/vision screening and disability and mental health assessments. Our breakfast, lunch and snack are all made in-house and with fresh, healthy ingredients. Children exercise every day at SouthSide – outside when temperatures permit and inside when it is too cold or too hot for safe outdoor play. Families are our partners. SouthSide families volunteer in the classroom, in the garden and at community events, and contribute ideas to the governance of the Center. SouthSide helps families strengthen their voices and become advocates for their children, carrying that involvement on into elementary school. Monthly meetings and support groups address parenting concerns and questions, and feature guest speakers on a wide variety of topics selected by parents. Collaboration works. At SouthSide we work with dozens of agencies on-site and in the community that support our children and families. Click here to learn more about our community partners.

Children & Youth
Low-income Communities
St. Louis, MO, 63104

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