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Legacy Institute’s mission is to leave a L.E.G.A.C.Y behind for minority children to pass down to future generations and build upon the efforts of advancing the African American community in various facets of life including but not limited to education, property, trade, finance, writing and overall personal development and mentorship. We strive to share invaluable information that our youth will need as they navigate through life and into adulthood in subjects that aren’t usually included in schools’ curriculum. We purposely aim to educate our students on subjects that they wouldn’t learn in school to increase exposure and help level the playing field as they matriculate through life. As program participants navigate their way through Legacy Institute, we hope ‚Äčto see an increase in eagerness to learn and a decrease and/or overall avoidance of problem/high-risk behavior. By putting successful mentors in program participants’ lives, they will have a human roadmap to help them achieve their goals and to reach their full potential.

Children & Youth
Families, Low-income Communities
Saint Louis, Missouri, 63103

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