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Kirkwood Children's Chorale is internationally recognized, award winning children's performing choir. The purpose of the Chorale is to meet a need in our community for a select ensemble in which talented children can train and perform in a multi-age setting. We perform locally, nationally and around the world. We are a non-profit educational organization, which offers vocal training to young singers in 2nd through 12th grade. KCC is the culmination of a long-time dream of music teachers Mary Poshak and Mimi Steele, who were seeking a place for their talented students to get additional training and performing opportunities. Founded in 1992 with 50 singers, it currently boasts a membership of nearly 100 students representing many schools in the St. Louis area. KCC's staff is composed of musical professional directors, accompanists, and assistants. Weekly rehearsals teach vocal skills, such as music reading, tone production, blend, correct posture and breathing, ear training, diction, expressive singing and musical interpretation. Choirs work toward excellence as they learn traditional choral literature of the highest quality from all over the world. Aside from learning vocal skills and receiving musical training, members develop character through the discipline involved in preparing and performing music. Singers are expected to give their best at all times and work toward excellence. Commitment and responsibility to are a must. Children improve their concentration and self control through high expectations and rigorous rehearsals. The Chorale is a member of the Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis. KCC is supported by tuition, donations, the Arts and Education Council and the Missouri Arts Council.

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