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NextStep for Life, Inc.

It is the mission of NextStep for Life to provide supports that enable people with disabilities to pursue a life of quality and dignity. We are fully certified and highly accredited by the Commission on Accrediation of Rehabilitaion Facilites (CARF), an international, independent, nonprofit accreditor of human service providers. A 2009 CARF audit produced no recommendations for improvement, while identifying two areas of operations as industry best practices. In providing programs and services, we offer choices to our participants and guide them to make good choices according to their ability. Giving choices empowers our clients and gives them the opportunity to be independent without putting them at risk. Rather than serving people in isolation, we take a holistic approach to meeting their needs and serving the whole person - coordinating our efforts across all divisions to give participants access to educational, employment , housing and socialization opportunites to be productive and achieve a fuller life.

Health & Wellness
People with Disabilities
Festus, MO, 63028

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